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    Ultrasonics Sieving System comprises of the following:

    • Generator
    • Convertor
    • High Frequency Cable
    • TAPIS Customized Ultrasonic Vibro Frame

    The major advantages of using TAPIS Ultrasonic setup:

    • TAPIS Vibro frames are made with the same resoance frequency. This enables a consistent tuning of the machine for sieving usage. This is due largely to the fact that TAPIS TEKNIK has its own production plant.
    • Optimization of the vibratory force from the separator with the adjustable ultrasonic energy transmitted to the sieving mesh is made possible. Being makers of the sieving machines, we have collected massive data over the years on various sieving performances.

    We can arrange a demonstration on the usage of the ultrasonic setup. Please  Contact Us for more detailed information