Growing pains. Air quality is a growing concern in many urban environments and has a very direct health implications for residents in many cities.

In TAPIS TEKNIK, we believe in creating values through the innovation of products that can help to create alternative energy sources. Our sieving or vibrating separator machines are uniquely customized to hit a high level of filtration flow rate to achieve the desired sieving results with a high accuracy in particle spectrum

Batteries are among the costliest components of electric and hybrid vehicles. A sieving process involves both the fine and coarse powders, which is applicable for anode and cathode materials. Sieving is usually conducted to obtain the various elements distributions in each fractional size. TAPIS sieving solutions stand out in various aspects.

  • High Mesh count product sieving (e.g. 42 microns and below) with clear screen after sieving process
  • Ultra-fine particles differentiation (TAPIS Technology)
  • High Capacity output in the area of Ternary Sieving with our customized sieving setup

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We are able to tune our machine performance to suit individual’s client’s product needs
Equipment design load customization and compatibility with client’s setup

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