Screening processes and customized fabricated filter media are often indispensable steps in the preparation of materials for further processing or for direct usage.

At TAPIS TEKNIK, we strive to ensure that your final product meets the specification required. A vibratory sieve or customized engineered filter forms part of the process when producing almost every manufactured item in use today.

Sieving can be categorized into:

Dry Powder Sieving

TAPIS TEKNIK has been manufacturing customized vibratory separators for both the dry and liquid processes for the last 20 years.

When removing fines from powders such as graphite, Bakelite or solder balls, we are able to offer solutions that provides control of product movement across the mesh without blinding the screen mesh apertures. Our knowledge on sieving applications also allows us to implement solutions that are critical in maintaining end-users’ product structure integrity, taking into account the removal of fine contaminants during each sieving process.

We offer machines that are able to handle fine mesh separation in the F&B Industry. We understand the importance of achieving consistency in particle size and high bulk density. Handling of difficult powder such as whey, lactose and in certain instances sticky components requires customized retrofitting to the sieving machine, and we are able to provide solutions to them.

Together with our trusted Ultrasonic partner from Switzerland, we are able to effectively prevent product accumulation on mesh screens without damaging any processed products. We understand the importance of product profile in the food industry, and takes great pride in understanding each client’s process and needs.

Liquid-Solid Separation

TAPIS TEKNIK has been involved in customized vibratory sieve in the area of F&B for the last two decades, most notably in the area of chocolate filtration.

The importance of maintaining a desired surface tension to enhance the filtration rate is critical. And TAPIS TEKNIK can ensure that this expertise is rightly executed through our experience.
The loading ability of the mesh is also carefully controlled to ensure that the shelf-life of the screen is prolonged. And coupled with the calculated eccentric weight control, we can guarantee end-user with a satisfactory output.

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