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    Improvement in Product Quality, Increased Production Capacity, Energy Savings. These are the key features which many companies are striving to achieve.

    At TAPIS TEKNIK, we offer solutions that provides control of product size consistency and movement across the mesh without blinding the screen mesh apertures/ openings.

    Consistency in small particle size distribution and high bulk density during the handling of difficult powder is of paramount importance to end-users, and we understand that well.

    We take great pride in understanding each individual client’s process and needs.


    • Several settings adapted to the screening material are possible.
    • The ultrasonic sweeping bandwidth ranges between 30 KHz to 38 KHz, and caters towards different product characteristics.
    • Product is made in Germany

    Application Areas

    • Paint-coating, Chemical, Food and pharmaceutical, Solder Paste, Lithium Batteries and many more.

    Customer Benefits

    • Higher screening throughput
    • Improved quality owing to efficient removal of blinding in screens
    • Highly reliable process
    • Low wear of mesh materials
    • Greater separation accuracy of the screened products
    • Better material flow