Solder Paste, Solder Balls

TAPIS TEKNIK has been supplying grading and safety screening solutions to the metallurgy industry. Products range from conventional vibratory sieve to ultrasonic de-blinding solutions that improve the quality of the metal powders.

Achieving an accurate powder size distribution is essential and we are able to offer high quality, high capacity sieving machines for all types of metal powders.

Recycling of metal powders has proven to be a challenging aspect in many industries. High throughout rates and minimal contact with parts and tool-free assembly helps to keep downtime to a minimum with TAPIS machines.

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Peening Shots

Peening is a useful process for extending the service life of a large number of metallic components. Its benefits can only be maximised through an understanding of the principles that are involved in shot peening. Proper control of peening parameters is needed in order to optimise the residual stress profile for specific components.

TAPIS TEKNIK is able to customize a solution whereby the sieving machine is able to run up to 4 or 5 decks for allowing a greater spectrum of particle sizing to be made possible.

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