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Liquid Chocolate Filtration

Liquid Chocolate Filtration

Case Study of Improving Flow Rate of Liquid Chocolate Filtration

Be it fine chocolates or common candy bars, chocoholics around the world count on chocolate manufacturers to keep up with the demand to consistently deliver sweet treats. Chocolate manufacturing is becoming a global business. As demand and production increased, companies discovered several shortcomings in its liquid chocolate filtration system including the use of a conventional vibrating screen. The facility’s chocolate manufacturing process includes filtering liquid chocolate in an open environment before the molding stage. Very often, the screen in use relied on the force of gravity as well as the vibration efficiency to flow the fluid through the process. Configuration of the production line and customized settings of the vibrating sieve must be optimized to ensure a high efficiency rate of output. TAPIS TEKNIK is able to meet your demand for this customized throughput requirement.

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