TAPIS TEKNIK has been serving the coating industry with various sieving and separation solutions. We deal with different coating products from solvent borne liquid paint to powder coatings, each with their own special characteristics.

Viscous pastes and liquids often contain oversize particles and agglomerated particles or foreign contaminations. It is vital and necessary to check incoming ingredients or final product before packaging. TAPIS TEKNIK sieving solutions can do the necessary fine-tuning to ensure the materials are screened effectively.Our high performance sieving screens are fully portable, reduces changeover and cleaning time. Hence, minimizing production downtime.

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Epoxy Resin 

The performance of a semiconductor depends greatly upon the strength of its packaging assembly. Without a durable, reliable and efficient packaging assembly, the semiconductor is susceptible to corrosion, heat, moisture and physical impact as well as weakened connections to external circuits.

Epoxy resins are the main component of durable epoxy compounds used in semiconductor packaging assemblies.

In TAPIS TEKNIK, we understand the importance of helping client to design a sieving machine with good sealing and the necessary anti-contamination features. This ability will directly translate into helping client achieve an epoxy resin that can be used in demanding application features. High Throughput will also be achieved with our very own TAPIS designed frame and Ultrasonic system.

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Phenolic Moulding Compound 

The grain size of different batches of thermosetting moulding compounds is of critical concern.  This is especially critical for backend semiconductor materials, which thrives greatly in Asia, and is one of TAPIS TEKNIK sieving equipment’s forte in the area of encapsultants.

Our commitment towards customizing the sieving machine, taking into consideration the aspects of photosensitive resins, and minimizing the chances of contamination has set us apart from competitors.

Please Contact Us to know of more details. We are willing to share our experience and help you achieve your desired product quality.

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